About Us

Let’s Create a Robolution

Resam Adat is “movement” created by us – Robots and Rembrandts Sdn Bhd – to promote Malaysian Heritage and Culture through products and events.

Robots and Rembrandts Sdn has a strong foothold in strategic communications consultancy with experiences creating branding, advertising campaigns and events for many of our clients.

Our style is a unique curation of local materials with a distinctive Malaysian influence. We reinterpret classic designs in a contemporary way, so pieces feel at once fresh and timeless. We believe in creating pieces that move with you and are meant to be enjoyed time and time again.

When it comes to our products, you won’t find everything here – just a handful of precious creations. Each item is handcrafted, and available only in limited quantities to ensure it’s as extraordinary as the culture that inspired it.



Company Information

Robots and Rembrandts Sdn Bhd (1114565K)

2-3 Jalan Elektron U16/H

Denai Alam 40160 Shah Alam

Selangor Darul Ehsan




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(+60) 012 874 7899